About Rose Fleur

About Us

At Rose Fleur, it may seem like we specialize in flowers. But our real mission is to spread love, joy and cherished moments with the world. 

Roses are the ultimate symbol of love, but their beauty quickly fades. So the first step in charging forward with our mission was to eternalize this symbol and create a special product worth talking about. 

The Process

We import stunning fresh roses harvested from Ecuador at their peak, then take them through a premium preservation process.

Our processing methods include glycerine and blended oils, locking in the roses beautiful form and properties, preserving it for years to come. And best of all, they require no water or care. 

Our farms use eco-friendly processes and our longevity roses are always preserved with harmless, safe ingredients. 

The Package

Each rose is assembled by hand, with hand-sealed wax and a recipient card. We handle them tenderly and package them in a protective case to ensure there’s no shock, heat, or humidity damage. 

Expect a stunning rose piece upon opening that’s guaranteed to light the eyes and emotions of whoever recieves it. 

The Person

Founded by Floral Designer and Entrepreneur Michelle Antoinette. 

What started as a hobby of preserving roses transformed into something more when her creations started garnering attention from friends and family. Requests started pouring in for her long-lasting roses, and before long, she was running a full-scale online business. 

Michelle's innovative mind, passion, and awareness of new trends in the floral industry led her to create the concept of Rose Fleur, a premium retailer of long-lasting, luxury roses.

Rose Fleur is in the business of spreading love that lasts longer with longevity roses.  

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